Monster Pay-Per-Click Terms and Conditions

These following terms and conditions are in relation to Monster Pay-Per-Click (Monster PPC) providing you with a service in relation to your website and upon accepting these terms you accept that you are binding yourself legally to them. Monster PPC's Pay Per Click Campaign Management Software is Proprietary Methodology for creating, developing, managing and optimizing multiple Pay Per Click campaigns through many different search engines.

  1. From the date we commence work the contract will then continue on a 90 day automatically renewable basis automatically until a 30 day advance notice is given to Monster PPC.
  2. You agree to pay an agreed monthly marketing budget to market your website though sponsored links via PPC ADVANTAGE. Monster PPC Will manage your campaign for a minimum period of 3 months. This set up, management fee and budget will be dependent upon the complexity of your campaign, a competitive analysis and agreed in advance at the proposal stage when our pricing structure will be clear and transparent.
  3. Payment for the implementation of your PPC campaign set up and optimization will be in advance of the campaign being activated and after you have agreed to your proposal and account set up structure. A signed credit card authorization form will be required for any Pay Per Click marketing program.
  4. Notice of cancellation of this agreement shall be deemed valid and accepted by Monster PPC if received by facsimile, e-mail or phone call after the initial three month period. Cancellation will be accepted on date of actual receipt by Monster PPC and will take effect at the end of that current thirty day period for which you will be charged at the normal rate applicable. Upon cancellation, any funds that were not used in the 30 day period will be refunded to the client's credit card on file.
  5. Throughout the duration of the contract you agree that any tools, coding, new keywords and any knowledge gained cannot be used in any other Pay Per Click Marketing Program that you may have, or create yourselves during the Term of this contract.
  6. You agree to install a tracking code onto the thank you/checkout page of your website in order for Monster PPC to track all sales resulting from the marketing efforts of PPC Advantage.
  7. Monster PPC agrees that during the contract and after termination of this agreement, all the financial details supplied to us by you for the purpose of our services will be kept confidential.
  8. You agree that Monster PPC can monitor your account after cancellation or expiry of agreement to make sure you are not using any tools, coding, new keywords and any knowledge gained for the financial benefit of another third party. If another party takes over your account management Monster PPC reserves the right to remove any unique techniques implemented in our account structure at the set up stage.
  9. Monster PPC will furnish one activity reports per month. This report will show all activity in clicks, impressions, cost per click, conversions and many additional metrics as deemed necessary by Monster PPC. This report will be e-mailed directly to the client's e-mail address on record.
  10. Each of these terms, (above), are essential to us providing a service to you, our client. If any one of these terms is breached throughout the duration of the contract, Monster PPC will have no choice other than to terminate the contract with immediate effect.